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  • 808-437-8941
    - This number was listed for contact purposes on an email conttaining an invoice purporting to be from Norton LifeLock. The invoice stated that the charge was for renewal of a subscription but I did not have a subscription for this service to begin with. The individual requested information concerning my computer in order to cancel. The call was abruptly ended when I refused to provide that information.
  • 830-529-9863
    - Ask too many personal questions, and keeps calling!!
  • 704-584-8400
    - 7184803685
  • 866-645-4391
    - Got a call from this number (866-645-4391) around 1pm. No message left. Got another call from 866-645-4320 about two hours later with, again, no message left. DO NOT ANSWER! Seems to be some kind of bot.
  • 251-227-5416
    - A hoe call
  • 502-305-0785
    - Credit One Bank collections.