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Australia is an unknown number query service where you can find out the purpose of calling you from your fixed phone or mobile phone. Thanks to the comments made by our users; You can find out the purpose of the caller number and who it is. Unsolicited calls (spam), scammers and marketers are easy to spot!

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  • (02) 8317 1169
    - i suspect dangerous scammer as call was silent (no background sounds) until the auto dialer beeped and the line cleared. These scammer prevent outgoning phone calls to medical monitoring systems while they waste everybodies time even those on the government DO NOT CALL register
  • 0452 340 247
    - SMS text message with link to info stealing website disguised as etoll company payment portal
  • 0416 549 215
    - Apparent “Visa documentation information” from an automated message machine left on my voice mail….. Starts of in Chinese, then spoken english to “press 1 for Chinese or 2 for English”…… Havent travelled out of the country for nearly 10years….. SUSS as!!!!
  • 0480 900 026
    - scam caller on this number
  • 0473 777 138
    - 24/7 electrical emergency response unit
  • 0435 682 390
    - Messaged me about linkt support but the hyperlink attached is spelt incorrectly, leading me to believe it is a scam. Most likely a high jacked phone number
  • (02) 8526 6359
    - Called to advise someone in Ohio has taken my identity and created a profile under my name and used it to buy BTC for $11k. Asked thr person for my name since they calling me and was getting angry and said 'i already told you someone has made a profile with ur details' didnt want to tell me my own name. SCAM
  • 0434 622 621
    - Bitch!
  • 0404 564 362
    - the caller didn't leave a message (3.39pm 16/5/23) so i didn't response.
  • (02) 9071 0267
    - Yes. Saying they are from the commonwealth bank security department
  • 0416 708 555
    - SCAM!!
  • (02) 9184 7184
    - spam, phising, they say it is a not a sales call - calling on behalf of a charity. block this number.
  • (07) 3223 2210
    - Said it was the Deaf Lottery. Margaret called me. Yes, they want money. Buying raffle tickets over the ph? What’s your credit card number? I DOn't THINK SO!!
  • 0423 163 056
    - health insurance comparison
  • 0451 332 325
    - Lying cheating drug slut