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  • 604-585-2244
    - RUMBLE Covid-19 vaccine injuries and sudden deaths. This rumble channel shares evidence of vaccine genocide,including photos of deceased vaccinated children and footage of kids collapsing dead.
  • 514-989-5121
    - I received 2 times a call from this number asking me to wait online. I hung up. Who is it? What is it?
  • 437-637-5580
    - They claim to be from this website However the whole thing sounds sketchy and they've been calling at very inappropriate times, waking up me and my infant. I'm currently pregnant with a second and after two very sleepless nights with a sick baby I was not in the mood to be woken up but some a hole telemarketer. They're lucky I had enough wits about me not to answer the phone call. That's all I'm saying.
  • 604-800-6211
    - Someone at 604-800-6211 keeps calling and never leaves a message. I don't answer unless I know who is calling.
  • 613-212-4466
    - No good. Pur it on your block list
  • 438-795-0181
    - this call can scam your id dont give anydetails
  • 844-213-2131
    - ARM dept collector for hydro Quebec. Know that you don't have to pay them a dime! Once they sell the debt to those agency you are off the hook legally. It's an option to pay but not an obligation, then mind as well give your money to a good charity, not those useless pathetic dime on the dollars collectors!!!
  • 418-615-1569
    - it was a scam call....
  • 514-363-8882
    - Showed on my phone as “merchant services” Asked for my husband by name on my personal phone when I said “he’s not home could I take a message?” they hung up. It is from someplace called Direct Product in Montreal. You can find address and phone number but no other info about this business. I found a website on Canada Pages but it does not open up. Another reverse lookup site a person reported them as scam and they asked for their credit card info.
  • 289-624-4285
  • 289-624-4285
  • 234-806-7829
    - Alice is asking for money because she is bored and hungry different times.
  • 289-624-4285
  • 403-760-1679
    - "visa security department"
  • 905-755-5030
    - tracking