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  • 249-315-8585
    - Shaw TV about billing & payments. Calling out of the Barrie Ontario. STOP CALLING! I haven't worked for a year and half & probably won't be working for ANOTHER year & a half as long as you continue to call four days a week from your various Canadian addresses - and at 7:15 am, you may want to check the area & time zone of your phone call because actually a phone call that early is ILLEGAL in Canada & will be reporting Shaw to the FCC.& phone company! I have a serious medical issue with NO FINANCIAL SUPPORT from Medical EI, Disability or Welfare!
  • 800-631-2908
    - I got a postcard in the mail. URGENT NOTICE unclaimed gift of $250.00 in REWARD DOLLARS with a claim number. Don't call it.
  • 902-334-2689
    - Said they were Washington State toll services and I had a outstanding bill of $1100 and wanted me to pay it
  • 705-535-5429
    - I dont know who keeps calling me. But everytime i block a number a new number calls
  • 204-480-5074
    - I had the same call and could not understand her could not speak English very well, to me this is a foreign scammer. I hung up and will never call back, she said she will not talk about what she in calling about.
  • 613-583-6113
    - Missed call
  • 226-407-6432
    - Spam!!
  • 226-785-4446
    - Spam!!
  • 519-691-3429
    - This number belongs to a Collection agency. DO NOT ANSWER if you haven't received a letter FIRST. Illegal for them to call without sending you a letter first providing details of debt.
  • 888-511-2250
    - The female calling claimed to process disability forms for Canada income tax use, and also claimed to have received a disability tax deduction application with my cell phone number on it. Then claimed it came with a fake email address. Must be some information gathering service for telemarketers or something.
  • 902-200-8600
    - Bell Aliant
  • 438-324-7575
    - Called me but I can't call them back.
  • 416-921-7979
    - Called at 9:30 pm. Left no message.
  • 647-494-7923
    - Death threats
  • 705-733-5615
    - Called me, stayed completely silent, then blocked me after I asked who it was. Weird.