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  • 6350 8952
  • 6350 8951
    - Spam call
  • 6350 8951
    - UOB Hospitalisation
  • 6755 0454
    - Spam..
  • 3138 4364
    - Very well spoken woman with a Singaporean accent. Called to say that she was from a Charity group that I had supposedly donated to last year. She spent time talking about all of the good work that the charity was doing and asking if I would like to sign up to donate just $2 a day. I said that I would be happy to do a one off, she said, I will take your details now. When I said that I would call back the charity later to do so she said that this number was not a call back one. She then offered to send me a 'special' email that would confirm that she was from the charity. She was so professional, and kindly, that I was still believing her at this stage. I said that I would just donate through the link or their website, she insisted that she would call me back to handle the donation personally. At which point I realised that it was a scam. Can't believe I almost fell for it. This woman sounds very convincing.
  • 3138 4364
    - If this is 365 cancel prevention call why used this number they got their own number. Please be careful call the official number to verify it.