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United Kingdom is an unknown number query service where you can find out the purpose of calling you from your fixed phone or mobile phone. Thanks to the comments made by our users; You can find out the purpose of the caller number and who it is. Unsolicited calls (spam), scammers and marketers are easy to spot!

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  • (07897) 079999
  • (07401) 342275
    - Voice message was too short and indecipherable to make out anything. No idea what this is...
  • (03308) 181160
    - The message alleged that a standing order had been set up with my bank and asked me to contact them if I had not arranged this.
  • (03330) 459557
    - received a miss call from this number and text message asking me to call me back or click a link given in the message.
  • (01252) 240019
    - An obvious scam call purporting to be Three network business partner of O2 (wrong as O2 are partnered with Virgin) when this was pointed out to the Indian sounding gentleman he was calling me stupid so was told to F off - he then became enraged and told me he would "f with me - then my sister then my family ... He was threatening harm and was told to go f himself as I terminated the call. Reported to authorities
  • (01204) 705267
    - bank scam call. Rang the number from separate line man answered but denied making scam calls.
  • (01342) 715054
    - Recorded message saying I had unusual charges from Amazon and an other transfer on my card and to press button 1? to talk to an advisor. It never said which card company it was, and the phone number is a local one to me - so I assume it's yet another scam.
  • (08003) 689181
    - someone posing as Red Cross raising money for charity
  • (01749) 608007
    - Spam!
  • (07520) 601002
    - Want to find out who this is as it's the first number on my now clearly hacked phone number. I don't know if it's connected or not but I don't have any control over my phone number anymore and 3 network simply don't care. Have had to report to Action Fraud
  • (024) 77716193
    - severn trent
  • (03330) 459136
    - It's someone pretending to be from the Co Op bank trying to con you into obtaining your details after a supposed failed transaction.
  • (03442) 090102
    - The caller claims to be from DHL, asking for payment of import duty. They will leave a voice mail and even give a reference number for your package. THIS IS A SCAM, do not give this caller any information.
  • (020) 36411643
    - This number left a voice mail on .uk land line didn't make sense just quoted loads of numbers weird recorded message.
  • (01484) 518241
    - yes going on about life insurance was 3rd call this morning from a spam number i answered and a guy with a manchester accent was blabbing really quick ,i swore at him and told him to leave me alone and put phone down and marked call as spam .for another number in london to ring 10 minutes later ,its so annoying